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Little Patakha: Planet Book series


Publisher: Little Patakha

Author: Akshata Nayak

Illustration: Yogita Chawdhary

Graphic Design: Anushree Chokappa

Planet Book series is a set of introductory word building books in 2 different languages.
The first one is Planet Pathrado in Konkani- a lesser known South Indian language that does not have a script of its own. 

The second one is Planet Pichkari in Hindi- a language well known to many.

Both the book has fun illustrations, simple phonetic cues and
provides access to audio files for pronounciation.*

Planet Pathrado.png
Planet Pichkari.png
End page_Ava with pichkari.png

*Written info taken from Little Patakha Kickstarter page

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Thanks for watching!

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