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A Piece A Part
Mix and Match Jigsaw Puzzle


Brand: Little Patakha

Author: Akshata Nayak

Illustration: Yogita Chawdhary

Graphic Design: Anushree Chokappa

A Piece A Part Jigsaw Puzzle is a mix and match anatomy puzzle.
The puzzle has four characters – of different races, genders, disabilities and more to help foster imagination and promote acceptance.

Little Patakha hopes to provide a unique experience that can help kids go beyond the intricacies of the human body to learn something even more amazing: that while there may be a million things setting us apart on the outside, we’re made of the same pieces on the inside.

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 Illustrations have been made in consultation with physicians to make the anatomy as accurate as possible.

APAP back mockup with label.png

Kids can use background colors and body characteristics as clues to put the left side of the 4 characters together. Then, they do the same for the right side of the puzzle. Once both sides are put together,
these beautiful characters come to life.

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Thanks for watching!

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