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Different Fits
Mix and Match Jigsaw Puzzle


Brand: Little Patakha

Author: Akshata Nayak

Illustration: Yogita Chawdhary

Graphic Design: Anushree Chokappa

Different Fits Jigsaw Puzzle is a mix and match puzzle to help kids look beyond stereotypical expectations of who they want to be when they grow up. It has diverse characters representing 10 different professions.

Little Patakha hopes to inspire kids to dream big and see themselves
in one of more of these professions or maybe create one that suits them better.*

*Written info taken from Little Patakha Kickstarter page

M_M packaging mockup.png

The illustrations are divided into three pieces - a head, torso and legs

M_M mockups mixed-04.png
M_M mockups4 small.png

Or mix and match these pieces to create
your own.

You can recreate the original illustration designed for you.

Little Patakha logo_.png

Thanks for watching!

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